Sunday, April 29, 2012

Unique Cross Necklaces - How to Customize your Jewelry Choices

One of the most basic and standard types of jewelry is the cross, which can be seen in a pendant form or in other necklaces. Those who are looking for a simple design will have no problem choosing from the vast array of different materials and sizes that these cross necklaces come in, but for those who are a little more daring with their wardrobe choice, it might be a good idea to see what the other options are in terms of style. For example, unique cross necklaces might come in materials other than the standard silver and gold. Precious metals, wooden materials, or even synthetics could give the jewelry designer more room to work with.
Unique Cross Necklaces
Celtic designs are also another way for unique cross necklaces to stand out from the crowd. The Celtic cross consists of the regular cross, with a circle at the intersection. Although there is some debate as to what this circle was originally meant to represent, these days most people believe it is a representation of the sun, or a victor’s wreath. In any case, this type of cross is a little bit different from the standard options, and will give you a unique flair to your look.
Unique Cross Necklace
Silver Gothic crosses are also a popular way to express individuality. There is even more room for personalized design with these unique cross necklaces, because so many different types of crosses can be termed Gothic. Typically, they include extra embellishments, such as ornate details.