Friday, April 02, 2010

Greek Religious Jewelry – An Impressive Fashion Statement

There are in fact several definitions of jewelry. One of them is that it describes any ornamental adornment on the body ranging from toe rings to tiaras and everything in between. Now, there has been an extensive use of jewelry in every culture during different phases of history and in many different ways. While in many cultures in the present day jewelry is found to be applied mostly on aesthetic purpose, in the other cultures jewelry is found to serve other functions as well, like marital status and tribal affinity. If truth be told, in a lot of cultures jewelry has been applied both for religious purposes and as the emblem of religious affiliation. The Greek religious jewelry in this regard deserves special mention among several traditions. It is in view of the fact that from the ancient period the Greek jewelry is noted as a venerable device being extensively used in the religious purposes making them for solemn and refined.

Gold Greek Cross Pendant

Now when we discuss of the Greek religious jewelry, at the very outset we must accept since in the modern days jewelry is mostly used for decorative purposes we often tend to forget of the roots of jewelry. With it we also do not care to remember that the jewelries in several cultural traditions have been used extensively for religious purposes. The Greek religious jewelry in this way is a great instance which through its respected uses has influenced the thought processes of generations after generations of people. Now, for example, if you are asked of your feeling at the time of thinking of a cross what shall be your answer? Certainly you will not answer in an amusing way saying that it reminds you of a latest Hollywood movie. But obviously it does make you remember the story of Christ and his crucifixion. Or you may answer of other identifications with a cross. The next question obviously will be where from you have got the other identifications with the cross. You may point to the American Red Cross whose cross is synonymous to a plus sign but red, and wider, defined as two perpendiculars, symmetrical points.

Now once you get the whole idea or a detailed definition of this type of cross you can in the same manner equate it with any Greek orthodox emblem of cross. In fact from the earliest period of European history this cross from Greece has been accepted as the noblest form of jewelry that has been found to benefit the wearer in different ways. As a result, through ages, this Greek religious jewelry has been accepted as a figure that is adorned most popularly in necklaces, bracelets, earrings or anklets. You can go through a variety of ways, on the basis of your interest, to have the appropriate type of cross jewelry for a certain occasion.

Greek Religious Jewelry

Well, if you want to have the Greek religious jewelry both in terms of fashion and religious purpose, there are in actual fact many designs. Among them if you desire for the solid ones there are in fact several designs that can earn your attraction because this simple design (or lack thereof) will be flexible for any occasion. you can simply wear the Greek religious jewelry on any, be it an anklet, charm bracelet, or even in the form of earrings. There is nothing to worry about also since the simplicity of this jewelry will in no way remove any spotlight from the rest of your apparel. Whereas to a certain extent it will wholly complement any fashionable outfit. You may also go for the distinctive pattern since in it there is also an existence of diverse designs pertaining to the Greek religious jewelry and thus can also make an exceptionally impressive fashion statement.